Caged! Part Five

By Eloise Caged! Part Five: The Search The wedding was beautiful. It was on a long sandy beach while the sun was setting. The bride was stunning. Her hair was in a loose bun and her dress sparkled in the sunset. The groom was wearing a tuxedo and his expression was the only thing that … More Caged! Part Five

Caged! Part Four

By Eloise Caged! Part Four: The Attempt to Escape Two people were riding their bikes. They were a beautiful young girl and a handsome young boy, around the same age. They were riding around the park. When they reached a clearing surrounded by trees, the boy told the girl to stop. He pulled a picnic … More Caged! Part Four

Caged! Part Three

By Eloise Part 3: The Meeting Grace came to school and there was a cookie on her desk. She ate it, very grateful because she hadn’t had any breakfast that day. There was another cookie on her desk that next day and this continued for a few months. Grace came to school on the first … More Caged! Part Three

Caged! Part Two

By Eloise Caged! Part 2: The Failed Escape She woke up in chains. Her brain fuzzy, with a horrible headache. “He must have knocked me out,” she thought. Suddenly, like a huge tidal wave, the memories came flooding back to her; the wedding, the strange man, the deal, the mirrors, and the STUPID GOLDFISH! Then … More Caged! Part Two

Caged! Part One

Caged! Part One: The Cage! By Eloise Her chances were slim, but she wouldn’t let that stop her. It was escape or death. And she wasn’t ready to die yet. “Why did it have to happen that day?!” she wondered. Just as she was about to be made the happiest woman alive, it was all … More Caged! Part One