Poetry 9

Riding a Horse By Sara   Thrill Fun Excitement Fear Danger Risk Wind Rushing past you As hooves beat the ground Que for a canter Going even faster Stopping Panting You and the horse Dismount Unbridle Cuddle with your Little pony You are a rider Advertisements

Poetry 8

Scales By August   Shiny, flat legato of skin Slippery tones of black Creeping off my back The black notes they theive I grow again   Prickly, sinful staccato Flecks of tiny, minor green Patches stripping me of sheen The green scales are harvested I grow again   Curling chords of color Waves of tonic, … More Poetry 8

Poetry 7

To Be a Dragon By Sara   They say dragon’s wings set you free But for me, they are the chains that bind me. Why am I expected to kill? Why am I expected to raze til the cease of the screams that are shrill? In death and destruction, why am I supposed to find … More Poetry 7

Poetry 6

Boing By Sara   Boing, boing, boing What is that noise?! Boing, boing, boing It’s making me green!! Boing, boing, boing Where is it coming from?! Boing, boing, crash Oh, my cat found the trampoline

Poetry 5

Gray Day By August   Gray Day, A may Day A won’t-Go-Out-And-Play Day   A Gray Day A Fray day A stay-Inside-and-Sew Day   A Gray Day A Stray Day A Come-Home-Spot-I-Pray Day   A gray day, A gray day Oh, wait it’s night   A black night A black night Be sure to keep … More Poetry 5

Poetry 4

By Sara The Daily Life of a Cat Meow, meow, meow Food in my bowl Nom, nom, nom Spot of sunshine Nap, nap, nap Oh, look, this spot isn’t covered in cat fur Shed, shed, shed Food still in my bowl Nom, nom, nom I’m bored Yawn, yawn, yawn Lovely new curtains Shred, shred, shred … More Poetry 4

Poetry 3

By August MY BEAUTY   DoY ouS eeM e Maybe Auty   Is Scrawny   Is Nervous   Is Sleepy   Sometimes   Then I have   beauty   DoY ouS eeM e   DoY ouS eeM y   BEauty