Top 5 Stinky Foods

By Axel, Camila, Judy, Lupe, and Sabrina

#1 Surstromming


This is the stinkiest food ever. In a video that I watched, they described the smell as dog food down a used portopotty. This is a traditional northern Swedish cuisine since the 16th century.

#2 The Durain


The durian a.k.a. spike is known to be the stinkiest fruit in the world. It can grow as big as thirty centimeters. “To eat it is to sacrifice self-respect,” wrote Bayard Taylor.

#3 Natto


Natto is one of the stinkiest foods and is a traditional Japanese plate made out of soybeans with bacillus subtilis.

#4 Limburger Cheese


The cheese produces its notorious smell because of the bacterium used to ferment limburger cheese and many other smear-ripened  cheeses.

#5 Lutefisk


Lutefisk a.k.a. stockfish is a fish that is salted then left in water for five days then dipped in a poisonous ingredient called lye. Then to be edible they leave it in water for a week. It’s traditionally for Swedish Julbord.