Sweet Potatoes

By Leigh Anne


One of my favorite foods are sweet potatoes. There are all sorts of ways to eat sweet potatoes and all sorts of foods that incorporate sweet potatoes. Here is a list of my favorite ones!

-Normal sweet potatoes

Normal white sweet potatoes or yams work. I like to cut them in half and place them face down on a large baking tray and put butter on them. They are very simple and delicious. After they are done, I often put some cinnamon on them. Don’t be afraid to eat the skin! Here is a link to a good recipe.

-Japanese sweet potatoes

These are very delicious. They have a white inside and a purple skin, and are a bit drier. I cook them the same way as normal sweet potatoes. Sometimes I cut them into cubes and put some butter and spices on them and cook it that way. Here is a link to a good recipe.

-Thanksgiving sweet potatoes (with marshmallows)

These are pretty much the same as normal sweet potatoes/yams, but they have more butter and they have marshmallows. They are much sweeter and much less healthy but they are also extremely delicious. Here is a good recipe.

-Sweet potato pies

I have never actually made a sweet potato pie, but I have eaten them several times and they are absolutely delicious! Here is a recipe.

-Other types of sweet potato foods

Here are some other great foods made with sweet potatoes!

Sweet Potato fries

Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Image Source: http://clv.h-cdn.co/assets/15/41/480×719/sweetpotatoes-11.jpg