By Oleksandr

FIFA 17 is a soccer simulation game where you can make your own team and control your team in the actual soccer match. The release date for this game is September 27, 2016, which is really soon considering that I am writing this blog post on September 6th. The game itself will be pretty similar to FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 but there are a few gameplay changes. For example, the game itself will have three times more animations than FIFA 16. Also, there will be a lot more skill moves and ways you could tackle other players. In addition, now you can move along the touchline while you are taking a throw and even take a fake throw and fool your opponents. The cover image of the game will also be very different. Unlike FIFA 13 and all the versions of FIFA until FIFA 17 the cover image probably won’t have Messi in it and will look like this.


FIFA 17 will be released on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and of course PC. Overall, Fifa 17 won’t have a lot of big changes in  the gameplay but I am still very excited for this game to be released.