Caged! Part Two

By Eloise



Part 2: The Failed Escape

She woke up in chains. Her brain fuzzy, with a horrible headache. “He must have knocked me out,” she thought. Suddenly, like a huge tidal wave, the memories came flooding back to her; the wedding, the strange man, the deal, the mirrors, and the STUPID GOLDFISH! Then she wondered why she wasn’t dead. “Maybe I am dead,” she thought, “maybe this is hell.”

But no, it wasn’t hell. In fact, she wasn’t dead at all. It was the same rickety bed. The same rough pillow that smelled of smoke. The blood stains on the wall. The slop that tasted 2 weeks old. The smell of decaying bodies. And the feeling of death that hung overhead and seeped in through the bottom of the rusty door. 

She glanced at the door at the thought of it, but it wasn’t there. In its place, was him. He no longer had bright hazel eyes. Instead they were bloodshot. He no longer had silky milk chocolate hair. Instead, it was sticking out at all different angles and had blood stains in it. His sparkling teeth were stained yellow and brown with blood. “George,” she croaked through her choked voice, “Come back to me!” He grinned at her, an evil glint in his eyes. “Come!” his now booming voice bellowed. The chains surrounding her rose up and magically floated towards her fiancé and tagged along with him into a dark room.

A sudden brightness filled the room and reflected off of hundreds of shining objects. After her eyes adjusted to the brightness, she saw what those metal objects were. There were knives, thumbscrews, axes, and hundreds of other torture devices. George bent over, with a knife in his hand. Once he was a few inches away from her face, she leaned up and kissed him.

It filled her with a wild feeling  of hope that she would be happy and gave her faith, that it would be alright. It also made George, George again. She brushed off the now loose ropes and shouted, “Come on George! We must get out now!” George had a solemn expression spread across his face. “We can’t get out. Not even I can,” George replied. “I’m sorry Grace.”

Stay Tuned for Part 3!

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