Caged! Part Three


By Eloise

Part 3: The Meeting

Grace came to school and there was a cookie on her desk. She ate it, very grateful because she hadn’t had any breakfast that day. There was another cookie on her desk that next day and this continued for a few months. Grace came to school on the first day of the third month the cookies had been left on her desk.

She looked at her desk. There was no cookie. There was a note instead. The note said, “Guess who I am!” and it came with a clue:  I share the same first letter as you. By the checkout at the library, you will find your next clue. Grace dashed to the checkout at the school library but the only thing there, was a book. Grace took the book and opened it. She could see something lodged in the spine of the book. She stuck her finger in it and pulled out a piece of crinkled paper. The paper had an address on it.

She dashed to that address and looked around but there was no note. Grace rang the doorbell. A handsome young man, around the same age as Grace came out. He said,  “Can I help you?” Grace replied by asking, “Have you seen a note or something around?” The boy shook his head. “ Would you like to have some tea with me?” he asked. “I’m George by the way.” Grace accepted his offer and followed him inside. They started talking about themselves as they set out everything and started tea.

When all of the tea was gone, George asked, “Do you want to do this again?” “I would love that,” replied Grace. About a hundred miles away, staring through his crystal ball, a hooded figure said, “Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”


Stay Tuned for Part 4!!!!!


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