Caged! Part Four

By Eloise


Caged! Part Four: The Attempt to Escape

Two people were riding their bikes. They were a beautiful young girl and a handsome young boy, around the same age. They were riding around the park. When they reached a clearing surrounded by trees, the boy told the girl to stop. He pulled a picnic basket from the back of his bike.

He announced, “Let’s have a picnic!” George laid out the blanket and the food. The food was very romantic, except, wait, OREOS! Why were there Oreos? Oh well. It was still pretty romantic. The couple fed food to each other and soon, all of the food was gone, except for the Oreos. George reached towards the Oreo in the dead center of the package and opened it like it had hinges.

Sitting inside on the cream was a ring. It had flowers made of diamonds, curving around it. “Will you make me the happiest man alive, and marry me Grace?” George asked. Grace’s eyes filled with tears, of joy that is. “Of course,” she gasped.

Grace woke up from her nap. She and George had circled the dungeon many times the past day. After she woke up, she woke up George. He stirred in his sleep and woke up. Grace said, “We’ll never get out!” George replied by saying, “The best advice anybody ever gave me was that if you feel like giving up, you just have another reason to try.” “Alright. I’m ready to get out!” she claimed fiercely.

Your faith is sure to be your undoing so I give you this clue: Only the purest of heart may pass, for your way out is through the deathly, yet happy gas. A mysterious voice said. Grace thought, “Okay so through the deathly yet happy gas. What’s deadly but happy? When I’m happy I laugh but when you laugh too much it hurts, so wait. Is it laughing gas mysterious voice?”  Yes it is he replied.


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