Caged! Part Five

By Eloise


Caged! Part Five: The Search

The wedding was beautiful. It was on a long sandy beach while the sun was setting. The bride was stunning. Her hair was in a loose bun and her dress sparkled in the sunset. The groom was wearing a tuxedo and his expression was the only thing that matched the bride’s expression. Both were absolutely glowing. It was the only way to describe them.

The bride walked down the aisle. Each step looked as though she were walking on a cloud. She stepped onto a raised platform and just before the couple began their vows, a hooded figure appeared. It spoke in a deep commanding voice. It waved what would have been a hand but in its place was a dried up wrinkled stump. A dazed look started to drift onto George’s face. His eyes slackened and his mouth stood there open.

The figure said,  “Your goldfish will die George. Become my servant, and he will not perish.”

George nodded weakly, his mouth still hanging open.

“Good,” said the figure, “Your first assignment is to KILL HER!” and the figure rose his stump of an arm towards Grace.

A few weeks later, Grace woke up in a cell.     




Curtis was looking everywhere for his dear Grace. His daughter had disappeared at her wedding a few weeks ago and Curtis had been looking tirelessly ever since.

He couldn’t believe that a simple plumber like himself could have had such a beautiful daughter like his own. He thought longingly of her and wished she were back. As he hung more missing posters of her, he saw a bush quiver. He crept over to it and once he was close enough, he launched himself at it.

He collided with a figure in a dark cloak. It was the same figure that was at the wedding! The same figure that took Grace! He took his wrench and hit him in the head. The figure was knocked out. Curtis put him in a cage. He took him home.

A few hours later, the figure woke. Curtis was staring at him and out of nowhere shouted, “Where is my daughter you &#%!@ !”

The figure replied, “Such foul language. She is in a dungeon a few universes over. The way out is through a cloud of laughing gas that they must make! However, she is with George and only a woman can escape through it alive!”

“You’ll tell her then!” yelled Curtis. “Of course,” replied the figure, “ Of course.” And he smiled maliciously.


Stay Tuned for the FINALE!

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