Caged! Part One

Caged! Part One: The Cage!

By Eloise


Her chances were slim, but she wouldn’t let that stop her. It was escape or death. And she wasn’t ready to die yet. “Why did it have to happen that day?!” she wondered. Just as she was about to be made the happiest woman alive, it was all ripped from her. “He just had to make that deal! Who cares if his goldfish died? It wasn’t worth it to have to lose his future wife!” she screamed inside her brain. She stared around her dark, damp cell. Only a bed with a thin ragged blanket was occupying the room with the prisoner.

The constant sounds of screaming stopped. Instead, they were replaced with a Clunk Clunk Clunk of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. She could hear him breathing. She heard the key turn in the lock and the rusty door creaking open. Before her jailer had got a glimpse of her, she slipped through the crack between the door and sprinted to what she thought was the stairs but she thought, “It’s almost too easy,” and before she could think twice, she bumped into a mirror. She looked around and saw hundreds of pale faces staring back at her. The room was full of hundreds of mirrors.

She had failed. She hadn’t escaped. The small chance of escaping had become no chance of escaping. Her hope had drained, but she couldn’t let him know that. The last thing she remembered was a sharp pain, a bellowing laugh, and the thought that this was the end. Or was it???

Stay tuned for Part Two

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